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ASF API Overview


ASF has a few different API's that can be used to pull data from ASF. Each API was created with a specific purpose in mind.

Check out the information about our API's below to determine which one should be used for your specific use case:

  • ASF SOAP API (Legacy) - The ASF SOAP API is no longer supported or recommended for new customers. If you are already using the API and need support, please contact ASF support.
  • ASF API V2 - The ASF API V22 provides endpoints for accessing users, check-ins, and event data.


  • ASF API V1 - ASF has additional API's that are supported and used by a few older clients, but should not be shared with new customers. Documentation for ASF API V1 is available here.


Please note that this API is not recommended for new customers and should not be shared.

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