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ASF API V2 Overview



The ASF API v 2.0 provides endpoints for accessing the ASF Calendar (My Scheduler), users, MyPOS, and client information. Email ASF support to request access to our APIs. 

All endpoint methods return a response object with two properties:

  • Result object
  • A list of Error objects

If the method call is successful, the Error list will return a value of NULL and the Result object will contain the object(s) listed in the Output section of each endpoint method listed below. If the method call is not successful, one or more Errors will be returned.

All mentions of ClientId in the endpoint methods, whether in the request or in the response, refer to the identifier of a club or facility (i.e. our Client), and not to the ClientId in your authentication credentials.



  • The ASF API uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate integration partners
  • Each partner is given a set of credentials which include the following:
    • Client ID
    • Client Secret
  • These credentials can be used against our server to receive an Access Token, whick is then used to access the endpoint methods
  • Base URL:
  • Token URL:



The list of endpoints for API v2 can be found here: API v2 Endpoints

Please note that you are able to authenticate on the swagger site to test out API requests and responses.


Additional Information


A max of 1,000 results are returned per request. Some requests may have a lower max based on the parameters that are specified in the request. These will be noted on the parameter in the documentation.

To get more than 1,000 results, you will need to use the page parameter.

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