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Brivo Access Integration


ASF allows your club to integrate with Brivo to handle automated member club access. Contact your account manager or ASF support for more information on integrating with Brivo.

Once your club has been integrated, you will have access to a new club level setting to determine if members will access the club using a physical card or a mobile app.


Supported ID Types

ASF currently supports Brivo access clubs using physical cards OR mobile app credentials. A mix of physical cards and mobile app credentials is not currently supported.


Physical Cards

When you integrate with Brivo and are utilizing physical cards, a card bank must first exist in Brivo for ASF to update the credentials accordingly.

  • Once a card bank exists, all new cardholders created in ASF should have their card number specified as the alternate account number on the cardholder profile.
  • Cardholders without alternate account numbers will not be sent to Brivo.

Mobile App

When you integrate with Brivo, all of your active members will be added to Brivo automatically. This sync will include the member's name, email address, and alternate ID if it is in use. 

  • During each sync opportunity, ASF will check member accounts for a digital credential. This is an indication that a member has been sent and accepted a mobile pass. Mobile passes need to be manually sent to members in Brivo by club staff. 
  • Once a digital credential has been accepted, ASF will add dates to match the membership. This will be updated during the renewal process for term memberships.


Account Syncing

There will be two opportunities for member data to be synced with Brivo:

  • Batch Sync: This is an automated sync that occurs every two hours
  • Manual Sync: If needed, you can trigger an individual account sync manually. This occurs immediately.

When you first integrate your club with Brivo, all active members will be immediately synced with Brivo. A request can be made with Brivo to send mobile app invites in bulk for clubs using the Brivo mobile app.


Brivo Access Updates

Account suspension works differently depending on the type of integration you have.

  • Physical card - If your club uses the physical card integration with Brivo users will be removed from Brivo when they become ineligible for club access in ASF and will then be re-added when they are once again eligible for club access.
  • Mobile App - If your club uses the mobile app integration with Brivo users will be suspended in Brivo when they become ineligible for club access in ASF and will then be unsuspended when they are once again eligible to access the club. This is done to prevent users from having to reaccept an app invite each time their access changes.

Suspension Reasons

ASF will automatically suspend member Brivo accounts in the following scenarios:

  • Account is past due. This does not include holidays/weekends. If a grace period is in place, that will be honored.

  • Account cancellation or expiration

  • The account is returned

  • The cardholder is deactivated

  • The account is frozen without access. Frozen accounts with access will not be suspended

  • The account is suspended in ASF

Member Brivo suspension status is updated at every sync opportunity. When the triggering suspend condition is no longer met, the account will be un-suspended automatically. Generally, this will be immediately synced. 


Regaining Access 

ASF will automatically update the account in Brivo to allow them to regain access when the following occur:

  • Account is no longer past due. Payments made via My ASF Account and MyPOS will immediately update a cardholders access in Brivo.

  • Account replacement

  • Account renewal
  • Account is no longer frozen (freeze end date = current date)

  • The cardholder is activated

  • The account is unsuspended in ASF

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