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How to use the Club OS Prospecting Workflow When Scheduling Prospect Training Events


For clubs using ASF as their Member Management System and Club OS as their CRM with a business model that schedules prospects for training events instead of facility tours, the typical prospect appointment workflow can be utilized with a few extra configuration steps. Prospect training events scheduled with a trainer in ASF can sync to Club OS as prospect appointments. This allows prospects to be segmented into Appointment Booked and Appointment No Show Statuses for purposes of follow ups and marketing campaigns. Also, event reminders can be sent by text or email on prospect events that sync from ASF to increase prospect show rates.


Configuring ASF Prospect Appointments to Send to Club OS

To enable this feature, contact your account manager or 


Once the feature is enabled, follow these steps to start sending Club OS prospect events

  1. Open ASF and go to MyScheduler
  2. Select the “Browse” option
  3. Select or create the Event Type you want to book prospects into and click on the "Edit" button.
  4. Scroll down in the Add/Edit event type window and look for the settings list below the Club OS logo (Please note: if you don’t see the logo your club is not integrated with Club OS and you will need to reach out to your account manager to get the integration set up)
  5.  Select “Send Lead Events to Club OS” and hit “Save Changes”
  6. Now you can select this event type when adding your prospect events
  7. With the "Send Lead Events to Club OS" feature enabled, all events in that event type will be sent to Club OS in near real time as prospect appointments. This allows prospects to be scheduled into these events, ensuring they receive text reminders, follow-ups and marketing campaigns based on their event activity. This includes event updates such as absences reflecting as "No Show" in Club OS 

For more information on how to set up events in ASF check out this help article.


What happens in Club OS?


Event Reminders

When a prospect appointment syncs and is added to the member/trainer's Club OS calendar, the default event reminder timing and verbiage is automatically set on the event. To manually add or edit an individual event's reminder, open the event on the Club OS calendar and adjust the settings. To check or update event reminder defaults, reach out to your account manager or



When a prospect event is added to a prospect's calendar, Club OS will automatically update the prospect's status to Appointment Booked. The prospect will have a follow up scheduled based on the follow up configuration for that status. 


If the prospect event is marked as "absent" in ASF, the event status will be updated to "No Show" in Cub OS. This will move the prospect to the Appointment No Show status. The prospect will have a follow up scheduled based on the follow up configuration for that status. 


If the prospect completes their event, they will be moved to the Missed Guest status or Active Guest if their prospect expiration date in ASF is in the future.


Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns can be sent to prospects who have booked their prospect event by using the Appointment Booked status to segment the target audience. Appointment No Shows can also be targeted by using the Appointment No Show status to segment the target audience.

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