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Member Enrollment Client Preferences


Offer Builder and Member Enrollment come with plenty of preferences for you to adjust. It will be important for you to review these settings before using Offer Builder and Member Enrollment in order to get the most out of each application.

First, you will need to navigate to the Member Enrollment preferences. Select Settings from the My Apps page and select Member Enrollment.

Navigating to Member Enrollment Preferences

Navigating to Member Enrollment Preferences



By default, this will bring you to the Preferences tab. This is where your main Member Enrollment preferences are. 


Member Enrollment Preferences

  • Convenience Fee: The Convenience Fee will automatically apply an additional percent charge to memberships. Enter the percent amount that you wish to charge new members (ex. an entry of 5 will add a 5% charge).
  • State Registration Number: The State Registration number is used only in certain states. If your state requires a registration number for memberships, be sure to fill that out here.
  • Club Email Address On Contract: This is the email address for the club that will appear on the contract. If you do not wish to have a club email on member contracts, leave this field blank.
  • Send copies of enrollment emails to club's main account email address: If this is set to True, then a copy of every member contract signed will be sent to the Main Account Email (see Main Account Email).
  • Send copies of enrollment emails to alternate email address: If this is set to True, then you will be able to enter a different email from the Main Account Email. Copies of new member contracts will be sent to the email entered.
  • Buyers are members by default: This setting will automatically have membership Buyers toggled on as the first cardholder in Online Join. Buyers can still set a different first cardholder during Online Join sign up if needed
  • Online Join Member Information page creates leads: If this is set to True, then new leads will not be created until they reach the Member Information screen of Online Join. It is recommended to leave this option on False, which will instead cause new leads to be created at the beginning of Online Join


Below that you will find the Webform Color Scheme settings. These settings will adjust the color scheme of your external pages, such as External Enrollment. These settings should match your color scheme set up in the General section of Client Preferences.


The Primary ColorAlternate Color, and Background all determine the color scheme for the sites. Font Color Override will set the font color to White. This should be used if you are using a dark Background color.

Once you have set up your settings, be sure to click Save.


Term Settings

The second tab in the Member Enrollment Client Preferences is the Term Settings. This tab is used to determine the terms and conditions that are used when members renew themselves through the External Renewal page. This MUST be setup if you plan to use External Renewal.

The left hand column displays all of your offers by card code/offer code. Right of that you will find the selected card codes as well as the Offer Terms and Payment Terms that can be applied to the selected offer codes.


To use the Term Settings:

  1. Select the offers you need to apply terms and conditions to for External Renewal from the left column
  2. Select the Offer Terms and Payment Terms to be applied to the selected offers from the columns on the right. You can select View to view any of the terms and conditions if needed
  3. Click Save to apply the terms to the selected offers. Again, this is only setting up the terms and conditions that will be used in External Renewal


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