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Renewing a Membership


Once a member's membership has expired, if they wish to continue their membership, you can easily renew them into the same membership, or even renew them into a different membership if they feel like switching things up. The process will differ depending on if the member was set up with a Preset Renewal. Check out the Creating Member Offers article for more information on setting up preset renewals.

There are a couple of ways that we can renew any member. The first, and easiest, way is to use the Quick Member Search. This is the magnifying glass icon in the top right of My Club Business.

Quick Member Search

Quick Member Search

To find a member using the Quick Member Search, simply select the icon and enter the name, account number, or alternate account number of the member. Once you select the member, a side panel will open with various member options, including a Renew option. Selecting this will start the renewal process for this member.

The second way to renew a member's account is to use the Member Management application. Just like the Quick Member Search, you will need to first search for the account you are planning to renew. Once you have the account pulled up, you can scroll down to the Member Enrollment section and select Renewal.


Members with Preset Renewals

We'll look at renewing a member with a Preset Renewal first. After starting the Renewal process, you will be brought into Member Enrollment. When you are renewing a member with a Preset Renewal, you will find most everything is already set up. The Membership terms will already be selected based on the Preset Renewal, but you will need to still select your Contract Terms and Payment Terms. These will be populated from the Generic Terms (see Setup and Manage Offer Terms and Conditions), so make sure those are set up.

Renewing with Preset Renewal

Renewing with Preset Renewal

If needed, you can override the Preset by using the Override Preset Offer button. This will let you choose from any of your available member offers to renew the member into, and you can always use the Use Preset Offer button to go back to the Preset Renewal.

Once everything is selected, you can continue with the renewal. At this point, you can edit/correct any of the member and cardholder information, make adjustments to the offer dates, and so on. This article will not be covering the various customization options when it comes to Member Enrollment.


Members without Preset Renewals

For members without a Preset Renewal, once you start the renewal process, you will still be brought into Member Enrollment. Without a Preset Renewal, however, you will be able to select any offer that is available for the member. This could be the same offer as before, or a completely new offer. The member information will all be copied over, but can be changed and updated.

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