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Using Offer Discounts


In some cases, you may wish to add built in discounts to your Offer Builder offers. This will allow members signing up externally to apply special promotions and discounts when they sign up. Some example cases for using Offer Discounts are:

  • Setting up special promotion discounts, such as a New Years Special discount
  • Discounts for Military, Fire Department members, etc.

To set up an Offer Discount, we will first need to set up the the discount code. This is done from the main Offer Builder Screen. Select the Menu and choose Discounts.

Navigating to Offer Discounts

Navigating to Offer Discounts

To create a new discount code, just enter the code and the name, then click Add. The code will be the actual code that is entered during enrollment in order to apply the discount, and it will be limited to 15 characters. For example, a New Years Special may have a discount code of NEWYEAR. The discount name is simply that, just the name of the discount.


Adding Discounts to Offers

Now that we have at least one offer discount set up, we can start adding it to offers. If this discount needs to be applied to all offers, you will need to manually do this for each offer. 

Start by selecting the offer you wish to add the discount to, and then scroll down to the Payment Terms section. We're going to start by selecting Manage Discounts. This is where we can choose which offers to associate to this offer by selecting Associate Another Discount. You can also use the All Discounts tab to create new discount codes if needed.

Manage Discounts

Manage Discounts

When you associate a new discount, you will be able to enter a Start Date and an End Date. These will limit when the discount can be used. If you leave both fields blank, the discount will always work. Be sure to click Save to finish adding the discount code to the offer.


Associating Discounts to Payment Terms

Once all discounts have been associated to the offer, we can start setting them up with each payment term. If you have multiple payment terms, each one will have it's own values for discounts. This can allow you to adjust the amount of the discount based on the payment term the member selects.

Starty by selecting a payment term in order to edit it. Then scroll down to the Discounts section. Here you should see any offer discounts that you associated in the previous step. We will need to fill in a couple of things here: Discount Type and Discount Amount. Discount Amount is the more straight forward option. This is how much the discount will take off of the membership dues. Discount Type will determine how that amount is determined:

  • Upfront POS Flat Fee: This will take a dollar amount off of any POS items that were added in the Items section of the offer. If no POS items are added, this will do nothing.
  • All Percentage: This will take a percent amount off of both the fees due at sign up and the recurring fees. This applies to ALL costs associated with the membership.
  • Flat Off Each Dues: This will take a dollar amount off of both the fees due at sign up and the recurring fees. This applies to ALL costs associated with the membership.

Enter both the Discount Type and Amount for each discount under each payment term. Be sure to click Save on the payment terms.

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