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Using Sessions Per Payment


Sessions Per Payment is a way for you to include My Scheduler class or PT sessions with the cost of your memberships. These sessions will not come as an extra cost like Add-ons do. Memberships set up with Sessions Per Payment will automatically add a set number of sessions to the member's account whenever they pay their dues.

Before sessions can be added to a membership, they first need to be created in Inventory Management. This article will not cover how to do this, so be sure to follow up with the Setting Up Session Items article. Once you have session items created in Inventory Management, navigate to the offer in Offer Builder that you wish to add the sessions to. Scroll down to the Payment Terms section.


Manage Session Buckets

First we will need to manage the Session Buckets for this offer in order to add the correct session items from Inventory Management. Start by selecting Manage Session Buckets.

Manage Session Buckets

Manage Session Buckets


First, we will need to set the Minimum Required Session Buckets and the Maximum Allowed Session Buckets.

  • Minimum Required Session Buckets: This is the minimum required number of session items that the member MUST pick when they sign up. This will only apply if you add more than one session item to this offer.
  • Maximum Allowed Session Buckets: This is the maximum number of session items the member can select when they sign up. If you have 4 session items added and this value is set to 2, that means the member signing up can only pick any 2 of the 4 session items you added.


You cannot make the Maximum Allowed Session Buckets less than the Minimum Required Session Buckets.


Next, we will need to add the actual session items. These are the items that were created in Inventory Management that add sessions to the member's account. To do this, click Add New.

Add New Session Bucket

Add New Session Bucket Item


This will display a list of inventory items that were set up as Scheduler Buckets, meaning they add sessions to a member's account. Simply select the item from the list that you are adding. You will also be able to indicate if this is a Required item. Checking this box will force the member to select this item during sign up. Be sure to click Save to finish adding the item.

Once you've added all session items needed for this offer, you can close the Manage Session Buckets window.


Setting Up Sessions in Payment Terms

Now that we've added the session items to the offer through the Manage Session Buckets window, we need to set up the session items within our payment terms. This is where we will be setting the number of sessions members receive whenever they make a payment towards their member dues. 

Start by selecting the payment term you need to edit and scroll down to the Session Buckets section. Here, you should now find the session items that you added in the Manage Session Buckets window.

Session Buckets in Payment Terms

Session Buckets in Payment Terms


  • Session Quantity: This is the number of sessions that the member will receive each time they pay their member dues.
  • Days to Expire: This is the number of days the member has to use the sessions before they expire. If sessions are not going to ever expire, set this to 0.

For any session items that are NOT going to be used for the currently selected payment term, be sure to set both fields to 0. Once both quantities are set up for all Session Buckets, be sure to click Save for the payment term.

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