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Member Attributes


Member Attributes are going to be an important tool when using Offer Builder and Member Enrollment, especially for your Prospects. Member Attributes are custom attributes that you can create and add to member accounts in order to keep track of additional information, such as a prospect's referral source, a member's fitness goals, or literally anything you wish to track. Member Attributes are 100% custom. 


Creating New Attributes

First, we will need to create attributes that can be assigned to offers in Offer Builder:

  1. Select Settings from the My Apps page, then select the Member tab.


    Navigating to Member Attributes

    Navigating to Member Attributes

  2. The default tab will be the Attributes tab. Create a new attribute by clicking the + button. Give the attribute a name, select the Type, and set the Active toggle to True.
  3. The Type determines what kind of values the attribute will have:
    • Yes/No - This will set the attribute to be a binary switch that can be either True or False.
    • Count - This is useful for tracking a number, such as a uniform or belt size for martial arts.
    • List - This option allows you to create a list of selectable items for the attribute. This is useful for an attribute such as a referral source. You will be able to create each list item yourself.
    • Text - This is a simple freeform text field that can house any text you wish to enter.
    • Phone - This sets the field to use phone format (###) ###-####.


    Member Attributes Configuration

    Member Attributes Configuration

  4. Once you are finished filling in your new attribute, be sure to click Save in the top left of the window.


Adding Attributes to Offers

Now that we've created the Member Attributes we wish to track, we can start adding them to offers within Offer Builder. This way, whenever a new member or prospect signs up, we will be able to fill in the attributes during the sign up process.

  1. To start, we need to navigate to the offer within offer builder. Select Offer Builder from the My Apps page.


    Navigating to Offer Builder

    Navigating to Offer Builder

  2. Next, we will want to select the offer we're going to add the member attributes to. Select the offer, then scroll down to the Member Attributes section.


  1. The Member Attributes section will display each of the attributes you have created.
    • Applies to this Offer: This toggle will indicate that the attribute should be included in this offer
    • Attribute:The name of the attribute
    • Attribute Status: Indicates if the attribute is Active or Inactive
    • Buyer: Sets if this attribute will be Required, Optional, or Not Applicable for contract Buyers
    • Member: Sets if this attribute will be Required, Optional, or Not Applicable for cardholders
  2. Use the Applies to this Offer toggle to indicate which attributes should be included on the offer. Then, use the Buyer and Member drop down menus to determine who these attributes will apply to. Each attribute should be marked as either RequiredOptional, or Not Applicable for both the Buyer and Member

Now that the attributes have been added to the offer, you will be able to fill in the values for the attributes as you are signing up new members/prospects for this offer.


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