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Creating Member Offers


Members are added to the system by enrolling into a membership offer and Offer Builder is used to set up the membership offers options. 

Create offers using the "+ Offer" option.

Adding a new Member Offer

Offer Details

Long Description

Offer Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms


Member Attributes

Offer Activation

Offer Details

Offer Details


Offer Title 

Offer Code: A unique 8-digit code for this offer

Offer Group

Length Type: For term offers, choose Days, Weeks, or Months. For open ended offers, choose Open Ended. 

Offer Length: For term offers, enter the number of length type. For open ended offer, this is not needed.

Offer Description: A short description of the offer

Club Access: Default facility access. A member's facility access can be updated on the member's profile after sign up, at any time. When an offer's facility access is updated, it applies to new signs ups and will not update access for existing members. 

Max Additional Cardholders: The maximum of additional members (family add on) that can be added to a membership.

Signature Required: To require a signature on the contract for in club sign ups, check the box.

Fixed Begin Date: This sets memberships to start on the specified date. This is best used for presale memberships.

Begin Date Offset: This sets memberships to start the specified number of days after sign up. Leave this blank if memberships should start the day the member signs up.


Long Description

Use the Long Description section to enter detailed, formatted descriptions of the offer. For offers available online in Online Join, use the Display in Online Join toggle to specify which descriptions to include in Online Join screens.



Offer Terms and Conditions

Use the Offer Terms and Conditions section to set the terms and conditions that are displayed on screen and in the contract - select pre-built terms and conditions and update as needed, or enter new by copy/pasting from another source or direct entry. For offers available in club and online, a different set of terms and conditions can be specified for each. For offer available online, clubs may choose to include a limited set of terms and conditions online, and collect signature to full terms and conditions the first time members check into the club. Please note that if no online terms and conditions have been set, the in-club terms are used online and in-club. Signature box placeholders are ignored in Online Join.

Import from Generic Terms


Payment Terms

The Payment Terms section is the most important section when creating a new offer. This is where you will set up the details for the cost of the membership. A nice feature of the Payment Terms is the ability to create more than one for each offer. This lets you create payment plans for your members to choose from, giving them more options to customize their membership.

Create a new Payment Term by clicking Add New. For this article, we will only be looking at the basics of Payment Terms. For Offer Discounts and Sessions Per Payment, see the respective articles for more information.


The first section of a new payment term is the Details section.



Term Description: This is the name of the Payment Term.

Payment Frequency: This is how frequently the member will make payments. This can be set to Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Yearly, and Paid in Full. If you selected Open Ended for the Offer Length, then you will not have the Paid in Full frequency option.

Payment Amount: This is the amount that the member will pay when each payment is due.

Total Payments: This is the total number of payments the member will need to make. This will be based on the Offer Length and the Frequency. E.g. a 12 month offer at a frequency of Bi-weekly will have 24 total payments. If you selected Open End for the Offer Length, this field will be greyed out and cannot be edited.

Fee Per Cardholder: This will automatically add an additional cost to the member dues based on the number of members on one membership.

Allow Negotiation: Allows some limited adjustments to be made to the cost and details of the offer

Min Payment Amount: The minimum amount for the dues when adjusting the price of the membership. Note: Only available when using the Allow Negotiation toggle

First Full Payment Day (Prorate): Sets the day members will make their first full dues payment. This should be used if you prorate your dues. Only available for Weekly and Monthly payment frequencies

Skip Proration: Enables blocking of collecting prorated dues upfront when a first full payment day is set. Only available for Term memberships Monthly payment frequencies. This is expected to be used by clubs in regions where regulations require control of number of payments. This field must be enabled by Client Support. Note for Client Support - Use "Fixed Billing without Proration(Pilot) - New Memberships" client indicator to enable.

Fixed First Payment Date: This will lock the first payment made to a specific date. By default, the member will make their first payment on the day they sign up. This works very well for presale memberships.

Payment Date Offset: This will offset the first payment by a number of days. By default, the member will make their first payment on the day they sign up.


The next section is the Settings section. Here you will find options for External Sign up and your Payment Terms settings.



Available in Member Enrollment: This toggle makes the offer available internally in the Member Enrollment application.

Available in Online Join: This toggle makes the offer available externally for people to sign themselves up.

Sign Up Type: This will determine which member type can select this payment term.  New/Replacement means that only New members or members whose accounts are being Replaced can select this payment term. Renewal means that only members who are renewing their membership can select this payment term. Both means that anyone can select this payment term.

Advertised Online Join Payment Amount: This field will change the price displayed for this payment term in Online Join. This should only be used if you want to display the membership cost before taxes

Include (plus taxes and fees) note: Will include an additional note alongside the membership cost externally that indicates taxes and fees will be applied to the cost

Payment Contract Terms: This is where you can import your Payment Terms and Conditions from the Generic Terms (see Setup and Manage Offer Terms and Conditions). You can always type them in by hand or copy them from a Word document/PDF, but if you've set up your Generic Terms, then you can simply select the terms from the dropdown menu. This will automatically copy the terms and conditions for you.

Renewal Terms

The last section of Payment Terms that will be covered in this article is the Renewal Terms section. The Discounts and Sessions Per Payment sections are explained in their own articles. This section is where you can setup the Preset Renewal for a given payment term.

The Renewal Term can be set to No RenewalRenew to Term, or Renew to Open-End. Renew to Term will simply preset the details of the membership that the member will renew into once the current membership expires. This will NOT happen automatically. See the article on Renewing a Membership. Renew to Open-End will set the membership up to automatically rollover to an open-end membership once the current membership expires.

For this section, you will need to select the Renewal type, fill in the information, and then add your Preset Renewal Terms and Conditions. Just like the previous information, this can be added manually or imported from the Generic Terms (see Setup and Manage Offer Terms and Conditions).

Adding a Preset Renewal


The ability to set Renewal Payment Frequency as part of the Renewal Terms is available on customer request. Otherwise, Renewal Payment Frequency defaults to match Payment Term Payment Frequency, or Monthly if the Payment Term Payment Frequency is Paid In Full. Contact an Account Manager or ASF Support to get this set up. 




The Items section is used to add additional Point of Sale items to the offer in the form of up-front costs or recurring add-ons. This article is not going to cover the process of how to set up POS items to be used here. Be sure to check out the articles on those subjects if needed.

Select either the POS Items tab or the Add-ons tab and click Add New to add a new Item. Both POS Items and Add-ons will have various additional settings that you can manage before adding the Item.

Adding Offer Items

Adding Offer Items


Member Attributes


Offer Activation

Once everything is set up the way you need it, you can Activate your offer by using the toggle in the upper right. You can also create a copy of the offer if you need another, similar offer by using the Copy Offer button. Lastly, you can always delete an offer using the Delete button, however this is generally NOT recommended. If you ever need to stop using an offer, it is recommended to simply Deactivate it instead.

Copy, Delete, and Activate

From Left to Right: Copy Offer, Delete Offer, Activate/Inactivate Offer

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