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Setting Up Item Types


Item types are used to tell the ASF software how each item should behave. For example, item types will determine if an item should add Scheduler sessions to an account, have an inventory quantity, or behave like a gift card. Some items that are part of different categories (e.g. Food category and Drinks category) can still be part of the same item type (e.g. Item Type of Food & Drink).

Example Item Types:


Food & Drink


Membership Add-ons

Membership Dues and Fees

Prepay Accounts

Personal Training

Gift Cards


To add a new item type:

  1. Select the Inventory Setup icon from the main Inventory page, then select Item Type. This will display any current active item types
  2. If you do not see the item type fields on the right side of the screen, click the Add New Item Type button at the top
    1. First, give the item type a name. This can be whatever you need it to be.
    2. Optional: If you need to apply commission to the item type, use the Commission Type and Commission Value This will make the commission apply to ALL items within this item type when any of those items are purchased. You can also set a commission amount for a specific salesperson.
    3. Finally, set the ASF Item Type. This will determine how the items within this item type behave. See the table below for an explanation on each ASF Item Type
  3. Once everything has been filled out, click Save
Adding a New Item Type

Adding a New Item Type


ASF_Dues: This will make items within this item type apply credits towards dues. This option is NOT needed, and you should not have any item types as ASF_Dues

Scheduler_Bucket: This will make all items add a number of sessions to a members account to be used to check into events in My Scheduler

Gift_Card: This will make items behave like gift cards, giving you the ability to load an amount onto the card when it is being sold

General_Inventoried: This is for all physical items that are purchased. It will give you the ability to enter and track item quantities

General_Non_Inventoried: This is used for all non-physical items such as enrollment fees or scheduler items that DO NOT add sessions to a member account

Prepay: This is used to add amounts to a member’s prepay account. Any items purchased from this item type will go into the member’s account



Editing an Item Type

To edit an item type, select it from the list of active item types. The options for the selected item type will appear to the right where you can edit the Item Type Name, Commission settings, and the ASF Item Type.

This is also where you can set a specific commission amount for one salesperson. To do this:

  1. Click Toggle Salesperson Commission
  2. From the Salesperson dropdown, select the salesperson you are setting the commission for. Then, set the Commission Type and the Commission value, then click Add. This will override the commission settings above for this one salesperson. All other salespeople will receive the commission set in the above settings.
  3. You can then add more commissions for different salespeople if needed. To delete a salesperson commission, click the Trash Can icon next to their name
Editing an Item Type

Editing an Item Type


If you are using Attributes, this is also where you will assign the attributes. To assign an attribute to an item type:

  1. Select the attribute from the list of Available Attributes and click the + icon next to it.
  2. Under Associated Attributes, you will find all added attributes. From here, you can mark an attribute as required by selecting Not Required, or you can remove the attribute by clicking the button next to the attribute.

Once an attribute has been added, it will show in the Item Settings for each item within this item type.

Adding Attributes to Item Types

Adding Attributes to Item Types


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