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Setting Up Attributes


Attributes allow you to add extra identifiers to items. To add new attributes:

  1. Select the Inventory Setup icon from the main Inventory page, then select Attribute. This will display any current active attributes
  2. If you do not see the attribute fields on the right side of the screen, click the Add New Attribute
    1. Add the Attribute Name, then select the Attribute Type. See the list of Attribute Types below
    2. For the List type: This attribute type will allow you to create multiple options. Do this by clicking Add Option, then typing the name for the option. Remove will remove the option

Yes/No: This will be either a yes or no option. Example: With an attribute name of “Logo”, this will indicate if the item has a logo or not

List: Allows for a list of attributes. Example: With an attribute of “Color” we could create a list of colors to choose from for each item

Number: Used to define an item by a number. Good for using with items that have weight such as weights

Count: Let’s you differentiate between single items and packs of items

Text: Can be any additional text that you want to add to the item

  1. Once you have everything set up for the attribute, click Save
Adding/Editing Attributes

Adding/Editing Attributes

To edit an existing attribute, simply select it from the list and make your changes on the right. You can change the name and the Attribute Type, and for any List attributes, you can change the options.

After making any changes, be sure to click Save. If you need to delete an attribute, click Delete. Once your attributes are created, you can assign them to your Item Types to start using them.

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