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Can I change a member's payment information/adjust the payment amount?


Yes! This is done under the Change Payment Section window under the Billing section. Navigate to the member's account in Member Management and scroll down to the Billing section.

Navigating to the Change Payment Information Window

Navigating to the Change Payment Information Window


This window will look different depending on the account's current setup. For example, if the member is already having their dues drafted from their credit card, then you will see the card information here with the Change Info and Adjust Payment options.

Selecting either Change Info or Add Credit Info will allow you to switch to a new credit card, or switch the account type entirely to either Credit Card, EFT, or Statement.

Selecting Adjust Payment will allow you to either increase or decrease the dues by a specific amount. You can also choose a date for the adjustment to go into effect. Be sure to also include a reason for the adjustment for your own records.

Adjusting the Payment Amount

Adjusting the Payment Amount


You can select Check Adjustments to view all previous adjustments to the member's account. Once everything is entered, be sure to click Save.

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