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Account Info


The first section of Member Management is the Account Info section. This will display all information for the account including profile information, cardholders, and payment information.



The Profile will house the information for the account holder. By default, you can see the member’s name, address, email, and phone number(s). This window can be expanded by clicking it. This will allow you to see more information such as the Alt account number, the amount that was collected as a down payment when they signed up, the salesperson, and more.

Profile Section

Member Profile


To change any of this information:

  1. Expand the Profile window
  2. Make the necessary changes to the information.
    1. If you need to change the salesperson for the account, you will need to do that here with the Change Salesperson to dropdown
  3. After making your changes, click Save, then use the Arrow icon to minimize the window
Editing the Member Profile

Editing the Member Profile

Here is a full list of information you can add or adjust in the Profile:

  • Name: This section will contain the member's/buyer's First Name, Last Name, and Social Security #
  • Location: This section will contain the member's/buyer's address including City, Zip Code, and State
  • Contact: This section will contain the member's/buyer's contact information, including various phone numbers and email address. 
  • Actions: The Actions section contains many additional functions and settings:
    • Alt Account: This is the member's membership card number
    • Down Payment: This field keeps a record of the amount the member paid at sign up
    • Insurance Account #: This field is used for memberships related to insurance programs, such as Silver Sneakers
    • Salesperson: Displays the salesperson for the membership
    • Company/Occupation: An optional field that can contain the member's work information
    • Exp. Date: The date the membership is set to expire
    • Card Code: The card/offer code of the membership the member signed up for
    • Remarks: Any additional remarks you wish to add to the account


The Payments window will give you a snapshot view of the payment information on the account. You will find information such as the payment amount, the next due date, any past due amounts, and more.

Member Payments

Member Payments


  • Payment Amount: This is the amount the member pays every month/week/etc. based on their payment frequency.
  • Next Due Date: The next date the member will have a payment due.
  • Amount Past Due: If the member is past due, this will show how much they owe.
  • Late Charges: This will show any late charges that have been added to the member's account.
  • End Date: The day the account will expire.
  • Amount Due: This is the total amount the member currently has due. This includes dues, late fees, and add-ons.

The bar to the right gives you a visual representation of the payments made on an account. The bottom number displays the number of payments made, and the top number displays the total number of payments on the account.

If the member has amounts due, you can click the Amount Due box to immediately start a MyPOS transaction for the member to pay their amounts due.



All members (cardholders) on an account are listed in the Members section. This section replaces the Cardholders window. The "Edit Profile" link navigates to the Member Information page for managing member (cardholder) information. Users with permissions to Club OS for clubs integrated with Club OS have an envelope icon available to easily open the Direct Contact page in Club OS with member contact options. 

Managing Cardholders

In some cases, you may need to make changes to a cardholder. For example, changing the cardholders alt account number, member attributes, sessions per payment, personal information, and more. This is different than making changes to the main profile (see Profile). To access this section:

  1. Open the Cardholders window, select the cardholder you wish to view/edit, and click Edit.
  2. This will open the section for managing the cardholder. You will find a Profile section with the cardholders sequence number, the Member Attributes for the cardholder, and the Sessions Per Payment for the cardholder.
    1. Profile: This section will function the same way as the main account Profile.
    2. Attributes: If you are using Member Attributes, you will find those in the Attributes section. This is also where Total Visits and Number of Used Visits will appear for prospects. Use the Edit button to make changes to all attributes for the cardholder.
    3. Sessions Per Payment: This will show if the member has any Session Per Payment setup on their account. This will show the session item, the quantity and days to expire, as well as when the sessions were added to the account and when they are set t be removed from the account.
Managing Cardholders

Managing Cardholders


To manage Sessions Per Payment:

  1. Select the window to expand it.
    1. Adding New Sessions: To add a new session item for this cardholder, select the item from the right, adjust the Quantity, Days to Expire, Start Date, and the End Date. These fields will default based on the item in Inventory Management and the Membership.
    2. Removing Current Sessions: To remove an existing session, select it form the left and click Remove.
    3. Editing Current Sessions: To edit an existing session, simply select it. This will allow you to change the Quantity, Days to Expire, Start Date, and the End Date.


Date Tree

The Date Tree is used to see the relevant dates for a membership, such as the sign date and the first due date. Some of these dates can be edited if needed:

  • Sign Date: This is the date the buyer signed the original contract
  • Start Date: This is the date the membership became active. In most cases, this will be the same as the sign date. This date can be edited. Simply select it, choose the correct start date, then click the check mark icon
  • First Due Date: This is the first day that ASF will draft the account. This date can be edited to change the day of the month that the first payment will draft. Select it, enter the number of the day, then click the check mark icon
  • Last Payment Date: This is the last date a payment was made on the account
  • Expiration Date: This is the day the membership will expire. This can be edited to push out the member’s expiration, effectively giving the member extra free time on their membership. Select the icon, select the new expiration date, then click the check mark.

If the account is an Open-End account, then there will not be an expiration date.

Date Tree

Date Tree



The Accounting window is going to give you a detailed view of the member’s accounting information, such as their dues payment and their payment frequency. This is an expansion of the Payments window.


  • Payment Frequency: This is the frequency that the account will be drafted at
  • Down Payment: This is a record of any monies that were payed up front when the member was signed up
  • Return Item Fee: This will display any return item fees that are on the account. This can be applied if a member’s credit card/EFT information was rejected when drafting the account. In some cases, this can be waived by calling in to ASF Client Support at 1(800)527-6898
  • Active Add Ons: This will show the total amount in active add-ons the member is paying for on their account.
  • Payment (Inc. MBF): This is how much the member is going to pay on their next dues payment, including any Manual Billing Fees (MBF) that have been applied
  • Note Amount: This is the total value of the contract (the payment amount multiplied by the total number of payments)
  • Balance: This is the amount the member has left to pay for their membership
  • Account Charges: This will show any account charges that have been applied to the account that haven’t been paid for yet
  • Add On Due: This is the amount the member has due on their add-ons
  • Manual Billing Fee: This will show any applied manual billing fees. These are applied after a member is converted to a Statement if ASF has not been able to draft their credit card/bank account
  • Insurance Account: This will show any insurance account numbers that have been added to the member’s information. This can be added in the Profile
  • Remarks: This shows any additional remarks that you have added to the member’s profile. This can be added in the Profile
Accounting Window

Account Window

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