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The Attendance contains member information for everything in the Scheduler, such as the member’s general attendance and their current PT sessions.


Training Schedule

The Training Schedule window is used to view a member’s schedule as well as schedule them into new events. To use the training schedule:

  1. Click the box next to the cardholder you want to manage. This will show the current schedule of events.
  2. Find the event the member wants to be scheduled for and select it. Then, click Book Now. This will schedule the member for that event
  3. Use the Back arrow to return to the club schedule
Using the Training Schedule

Using the Training Schedule


If instead of Book Now you see Purchase Sessions, the member will first need to purchase the sessions through MyPOS before they can be booked for the event.


Show Attendance

Show Attendance is used to view the member’s general attendance. Any time they check in using either Online Check In or Online Card Reader, that attendance will feed into here. To use Show Attendance:

  1. Select the box to expand it. Then, select a date range to view the attendance for and click Update
  2. This will display all instances of the member checking in.
    • Member #: This will show the member’s account number as well as their sequence number if there are multiple cardholders
    • Name: The name of the member who checked in
    • Club: The number for the club the member checked into
    • Time: The time of day the member checked in
    • Date: The date the member checked in
    • Status: This will indicate if there was an issue with the member’s check-in (have past due amounts, card code restrictions, etc.)

Delete Attendance

Sometimes you may need to delete the attendance for a member. This can be used if a member accidentally checked in twice, or they have other inconsistencies in their check-ins. To use Delete Attendance:

  1. Select the Delete Attendance box to expand it. Select a date range to pull data for, then click Submit
  2. This will show all check in instances within the date range along with the account number, sequence number, time, and date of the check-in. To delete a check-in instance, select the Delete button, then confirm the deletion.
Deleting Attendance

Deleting Attendance


PT Adjust

PT Adjust can be used to view sessions that are on a member’s account and when they were paid for. You can also use this screen to make adjustments to the number of sessions a member has. Select the PT Adjust window to expand it.

  • Client: This is the club number that the sessions are valid for
  • Member ID: This is the member’s account ID
  • Member Seq #: This indicates which cardholder the sessions are attached to
  • PT ID #: The ID for the sessions
  • First and Last Name: The name of the member who has the sessions
  • PT Description: The name of the sessions
  • Sessions Purchased: The number of sessions that were paid for
  • Sessions Used: The number of sessions that have been used
  • Sessions Adjusted: The number of sessions that have been manually added or subtracted
  • Sessions Available: The total number of sessions that are available to use
  • Purchase Date: The date the sessions were paid for
  • Expiration Date: The date the sessions will expire. If the date displayed is 12/31/2039, then the sessions are not set to expire

To manually adjust the number of sessions the member has:

  1. Select the line for the sessions that need to be adjusted and click Edit. This will allow you to change the cardholder (Member Seq #), the adjusted sessions, or the expiration date.
  2. If you need to either add or subtract sessions, enter either a positive or negative amount in the Sessions Adjusted Positive amounts will add sessions while negative amounts will subtract sessions
  3. Once everything is updated, click Update to save the changes
Adjusting Member Sessions

Adjusting Member Sessions

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