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Setting Up Categories


Categories are used to organize your items into different groups in MyPOS. They do not change anything in Inventory Management. While they are technically optional, it is STRONGLY recommended that you use the categories to organize your items.

To add new categories:

  1. Select the Inventory Setup icon from the main Inventory page, then select Category. This will display any current active categories and sub-categories
  2. Click Add Category from the top of the list, give your category a name, then click the + Do this for all categories you want to use

To view the new category, select it from the list. This will show you the number of items in the category, a product list, and a list of all added items. If the category is empty, you will instead see a Delete Category option.

The category name can be changed by using the Category Name field at the top.

Categories Overview

Categories Overview


Using Child Categories

Child categories will allow you to further categorize your items. For example, under the Clothing category, you could create child categories for Men’s and Women’s clothing. To create a child category:

  1. Select the desired category from the list
  2. Add the name of the child category in the Add Child Category field, then click the + You will see the child category appear in the list beneath the parent category
Using Child Categories

Using Child Categories

You can be as broad or specific as needed with this function. If you want, you can continue adding child categories to further break down your items.


Adding and Removing Items from Categories

To add items to their categories:

  1. Select the desired category or child category from the list
  2. Go to the Product List on the right. You can either search for the item using the search bar or scroll through the list and find the item
  3. Once you’ve found the item, click on it to add it to the category. You will see the list below update with the added item

To remove an item from a category:

  1. Select the desired category or child category from the list
  2. Go to the list of items currently in the category and click the Trash Can icon next to the item you wish to remove from the category.

Note: Remember, in order to delete a category, you will first need to remove all items from the category.

Another way to add and remove items from categories is to use the Category Tree found in the settings for each item.

Adding/Removing Items from Categories

Adding/Removing Items from Categories

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