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Setting Up Vendors


If you are going to be tracking purchase orders and item quantities in Inventory Management, you will be able to also add information about your vendors. This will allow you to indicate which vendor a purchase order is coming from. To add your vendors:

  1. Select the Inventory Setup icon from the main Inventory page, then select Vendor. This will display any current active vendors
  2. Click the + icon to start adding a new vendor. The only required information is the Vendor Name and the Status. All other information is optional. Once you have the required information, click Save
Adding a New Vendor

Adding a New Vendor

To edit an existing vendor, click the Edit button on the vendor card. Make any necessary changes, then click Save. If you need to remove a vendor, set the Status from Active to Inactive. You can view all inactive vendors by using the toggle at the top of the page.

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