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Adding Items to Categories


Using the Category Tree

The Category Tree is a useful feature for assigning items to categories. The Category Tree is found in the Item Settings. Select an item in your inventory to access it.

The tab next to the Item Settings is the Category Tree. This is a tool that will allow you to associate an item to a category without going into the Category section of Inventory Setup. To use the Category Tree:

  1. Select the Category Tree tab. This will show your active categories and child categories
  2. If this item is associated with a category, that category will be colored, bolded, underlined, and italicized. To add this item to a category, simply select the category from the list
  3. To unassign the item from a category, simply click the category it is currently assigned to
Using the Category Tree

Using the Category Tree


Using the Categories Screen

To add items to their categories:

  1. Select the desired category or child category from the list
  2. Go to the Product List on the right. You can either search for the item using the search bar or scroll through the list and find the item
  3. Once you’ve found the item, click on it to add it to the category. You will see the list below update with the added item

To remove an item from a category:

  1. Select the desired category or child category from the list
  2. Go to the list of items currently in the category and click the Trash Can icon next to the item you wish to remove from the category.

Note: Remember, in order to delete a category, you will first need to remove all items from the category.

Another way to add and remove items from categories is to use the Category Tree found in the settings for each item.

Adding/Removing Items from Categories

Adding/Removing Items from Categories


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