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How do I add members (cardholders) to an account?


Adding cardholders is done using the Cardholders window in Member Management. Start by looking up the account. The Cardholders window is located at the very top of the member account screen.


Navigating to Cardholders

Selecting this will open the Cardholders window where you will see all current cardholders on the account. Inactive cardholders will be greyed out.

To add a new cardholder, select the Add tab and enter the new cardholder's information. Once everything is entered, click Save.

Adding a New Cardholder

Adding a New Cardholder

This will add the new cardholder to the account. 

The Cardholders window is replaced with the Members section. 

NOTE: This will NOT adjust dues in any way, even if additional members increase the dues amount for the membership. This will have to be done manually.

If the Cardholders window is not displayed on the Member Account page, see the Members section that displays below the Membership Billing Contact section - this section includes an Add Member button.    

NOTE: Adding a member does not NOT automatically adjust dues. If additional members increases dues, use the Replacement option to update the membership and new members can be added with the replacement enrollment. 

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