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How can I add a new add-on to an already existing account?


Adding and managing account add-ons is done in the Add-ons/Account Charge window of Member Management. Start by looking up the account and navigating to the Transactions section. Then select Add-ons/Account Charge.

Navigating to Add-ons/Account Charges

Navigating to Add-ons/Account Charges

Scroll down to the bottom of the window and select Enter Update Recurring Charges. Be sure to select the Add toggle to indicate you are adding a new recurring charge to the account. Then select the add-on to add from the dropdown menu. This fills in some of the fields automatically based on the settings of the add-on.

You will need to fill in the payment information section manually. This can be set to either EFT, Credit Card, or Use Old Info which will use the EFT or Credit Card that is already on the account. If there is no EFT or CC information on the account, you will want to select one of the other two options.

Entering New Add-on Information

Entering New Add-on Information


Once the information has all been entered, click Save to finish adding the new add-on.

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