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The Transactions section is going to house information on all transactions tied to the account. This will include dues payments, POS transactions, and Add-ons and Account Charges.


Show Payments

The Show Payments screen will show all payments that have been made on a member’s account for dues payments and add-ons. Select the icon to expand the window and view the payments.

Show Payments


The top section will show all dues payments made along with the date of the payment, the amount, any late fees, the transaction type, and the transaction status.

The bottom section will show all payments made to add-ons along with the date of the payment, the amount, the transaction type, and a description which will display what the add-on is.

Show Payments Window

Show Payments Window


POS Transactions

This window will show all POS transaction on the account from both MyPOS and the Legacy POS. This will include the account number, the member’s name, the cash drawer used, the salesperson, the transaction ID, the date, and the total.


This will only display the transactions. In most cases, ASF will recommend using the MyPOS Facility Transaction History or Member Transaction History for more functionality.


Add-ons/Account Charge

The Add-ons and Account Charges screen can be used to view a member’s current add-ons, make changes to those add-ons, add new recurring add-ons, or add a single account charge. Since the add-ons/account charges screen has some very in depth functionality, it is covered more in depth in this article.

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