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Cash Drawer Maintenance


Cash Drawer Maintenance is used for managing your current cash drawers. You can open and close cash drawers here, as well as do a cash drop if needed. To access this screen, click the Cash Drawer Maintenance icon from the top of the page.

Here, you will see your active cash drawers, when they were last opened/closed, and by whom.



Opening a Cash Drawer

To open a closed cash drawer:

  1. Click the cash drawer you are opening
  2. Put in the opening dollar amount for the cash drawer. This will be the amount that you always open the cash drawer with. You can also open the cash drawer at $0 if needed
  3. Once you’ve entered the opening amount, click Submit. The cash drawer can now be used for transactions.



Closing a Cash Drawer

Closing, or reconciling, a cash drawer may be something you are doing frequently. ASF recommends reconciling your cash drawer at the end of each business day in order to accurately track everything.

When closing the cash drawer, the user may see different views depending on the Require Blind Close permission for that user. Select an open cash drawer to start closing it. See the below examples.


Require Blind Close is turned OFF



Require Blind Close is turned ON

These steps apply whether the Require Blind Close permission is on or off. To close the cash drawer:

  1. Count the total amount collected in cash and checks, then enter those amounts in the respective fields.

Note: If you are NOT set up on Immediate Credit Card authorization (ICC), then you will also need to manually enter the amount collected for credit cards as well. To find out if you are set up for ICC, call ASF Client Support at 1(800)527-6898

  1. If there are incomplete orders on the cash drawer, then these will need to be Cancelled or Completed before closing the cash drawer. Click Review Orders to see any incomplete orders, then select the incomplete transactions to either cancel or complete them.
  2. Once all amounts have been entered and all transactions have been completed/cancelled, click Verify. If the amounts you counted do not match what was recorded by the cash drawer, it will come up as Out of Balance. Depending on the Can Close Out of Balance Drawer permission of the user, you may need to enter a note, your username, and your password. If you do not have this permission enabled, you will need a user who does. Otherwise, you will be able to just click Submit




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