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Client users are able to submit refunds for most dues and add-on payments through the Member Management application. User access to submit refunds is permission controlled. Refund requests can take up to 7 business days to process.

Payments Available to Refund

The types of payments available for clients to refund are as follows:

  • Dues payments successfully drafted by ASF within the last 90 days
  • Add-on payments for active accounts successfully drafted by ASF within the last 90 days

If the desired payment to refund is not available, please contact Client Support.

Refunding Dues Payments

When refunding dues payments, there is an option to remove the payment from dues, which backs the payment amount out of dues. This updates the next due date and can cause the account to become immediately past due, if the refunded dues payment is for payment due in the past. In this case, the payment may be attempted as soon as the following business day. Partial refunds cannot be removed from dues. 

Note: When dues payments are made at Point of Sale, the payment is recorded against the dues as an add-on charge, so while the payment is available in the Refunds section for refunding, it is not available with the additional option to remove from dues that is available for other dues payments. If a dues payment made at Point of Sale needs to be removed from dues, please contact Client Support.

dues at POS refunds.gif

Partial Refunds

Users may refund a partial amount of a payment by using the Refund Amount edit icon to adjust the amount to refund. The balance remains available to refund at a later time as needed. 

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