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Accessing and Using Online Join Links


Online Join is a feature of Member Enrollment that will allow your prospective members to sign up for a membership themselves remotely, removing the need for them to come into the facility to sign up for a membership. 

The Online Join links are accessed from the menu in Offer Builder. Selecting any of the external links will open the corresponding feature in a new tab of your web browser.


  • Online Join Lead Link: This is the recommended link to use for Online Join. This will take new members through the sign up process while saving their information as a prospect if they do not complete sign up. Clients integrated with Club OS should be using only this link for new sign ups!
  • Online Join All Offers Link (Member): Used by prospective new members to sign up for a brand new membership
  • Online Join All Offers Link (Prospect): Used by prospective new members to sign up as a prospect in your facility before deciding to sign up for a full membership
  • Online Member Renewal Link: Used by current members to renew their own membership

To give access of these pages to your members/future members, you can copy the URL, then post it on social media or embed it in your club's website. Whenever someone clicks on the posted/embedded link, they will be redirected to the corresponding page. 



Specific Online Join Links

In addition to the general Online Join links detailed above, you will also have access to additional links that filter and adjust the offers that are available externally. Each of these links will work a bit differently, so we will cover each in their own sections

Offer Group Links

Each offer group created in Offer Builder (see Setup Offer Groups) will have its own Online Join link. These links are found when editing the offer group after it has been initially created:

  1. From the Offer Builder main page, select the name of an offer group to begin editing it
  2. In the offer group settings to the right, you will find the Online Join Group Link
  3. To copy the link in order to embed it into your club website/social media, right click on Online Join Group Link and select Copy Link Address. This will copy the URL for this group's Online Join page to your clipboard
  4. Paste the link in your website, to social media, or wherever you need it to be



When accessing one of these links, new members will be redirected to a similar Online Join page as detailed above, but the available offers will be limited to only the offers found in that offer group. If only one offer exists in the group, then the new member/prospect will be automatically taken to that offer instead


Individual Offer Links

In addition to Offer Group links, each offer created will have it's own Online Join link. This link will take new members and prospects directly to that offer in Online Join. This feature is very useful for promoting singular offers on your website or social media.

To access an offer's Online Join link:

  1. Select an offer from the main Offer Builder page to begin editing it
  2. At the top of the offer, select the Copy Offer button. This will copy the offer's URL to your clipboard
  3. Paste the link in your website, to social media, or wherever you need it to be


Salesperson Link

In some cases, you may still wish to specify a salesperson for Online Join enrollments, possibly for the purposes of tracking commission. Generally, offers in Online Join will have the salesperson of 'Online', but you can use a certain URL that will retain the salesperson info when offers are signed up for through Online Join. 

To access a salesperson's Online Join link:

  1. Access Member Enrollment from the My Apps page
  2. Select the offer to be signed up for with a specific salesperson
  3. Select the salesperson from the drop-down
  4. Click the Copy Offer button. This will copy the offer's URL to your clipboard
  5. Paste the link in your website, to social media, or wherever you need it to be



Adding a Marketing Source

Sometimes, you may want to keep track of where your new members are coming from when they sign up for a membership online. This can be done by adding a Marketing Source to your Online Join links. This will save a custom value that you set to a member attribute on the member's account, and it will also appear in the Prospects report.

NOTE: This can only be done by using the Online Join Lead Capture feature. It cannot be used with the regular Member and Prospect Online Join pages


Marketing sources are created by adding some text to your Online Join Lead Capture URL. To add a marketing source:

  1. Navigate to the Offer Builder menu and select Online Join Lead Link to open the lead capture page in a new browser window
  2. Copy the URL from the address bar and paste it in the location you need, i.e. in the code for your website, on your club social media page, etc.
  3. At the end of the copied URL, add the following:


  1. where MarketingSource can be a custom string indicating the source, such as Facebook, ClubWebsite, or GoogleJoinAd. The only requirement is that there cannot be any spaces.
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