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Creating Rooms in Room Designer


Before using My Scheduler, you will need to set up at least one room in the Room Designer. This is a separate application found on the My Apps page.


The Room Designer will be a virtual representation of your facility. You can use it as much or as little as you would like, but again, you MUST have at least one room set up before you can use My Scheduler.


Creating Rooms

You can create rooms simply by clicking and dragging along the grid. This will create a new room with a randomly generated name. The left side panel will house information such as the room name, the room capacity, and the room description. You can change any of this information as needed.


  • Name: The name of the room e.g. Main Floor, Spin Room, Yoga Studio
  • Capacity: The maximum number of members allowed in the room
  • Description: (Optional) A short description of the room
  • Status: Indicates whether the room is Active or Inactive
  • Single Event Limit: If this is set to True, then only one event can be scheduled to this room for any given time slot
  • Complex Room: Setting this to True will allow you to create a Complex Room (see below)

NOTE: If you are using a branded mobile app through ASF, you should try and make your rooms larger vertically instead of horizontally. This will ensure the rooms show up well in the app



Complex Rooms

Complex Rooms allow you to change the shape of a room to better reflect your facility. After setting the Complex Room option to True, you will find an Extend Room option.


Clicking this will allow you to create room extensions. Clicking and dragging on the grid will now create an extension instead of a new room.


Once you've added your extension, click Cancel to return to normal mode. Once you have your rooms set up, be sure to click Save to save the Room Designer. 


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