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Setting Up Equipment in Room Designer


Room Designer comes equipped with an Equipment feature that allows you to set up specific equipment slots for your rooms for your members to select when scheduling for an event. 

To add new equipment:

  1. In Room Designer, select the room you wish to add equipment to and click the Arrows icon.


  1. This will expand that room. On the left, you will find settings for adding new equipment. You will need to add a name, indicate if this equipment is available to reserve, and choose the shape.
  2. NOTE: If you are using the branded mobile app through ASF, it is recommended to only use the Square shape as they display the best in the mobile app


  1. Once everything is set up here, you can simply click and drag the icon from the top to the location in the room that it needs to be. With the room selected, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to precisely move the equipment to the location you want. You can also click and drag the arrows icon on the equipment to resize it.


  1. You can duplicate the currently selected equipment slot (highlighted in yellow) by holding down the Shift key on your keyboard and clicking anywhere in the room. This will create a duplicate with another randomly generated name. Duplicate, move, and rename the equipment until you have a layout that matches your facility.


Non-Reservable Equipment

In some cases, you may want to use equipment to indicate certain features of the room (e.g. the instructor's spot, front of the room, exits/windows).This may help members decide which spots they wish to reserve. You can do this by adding equipment that has the Is Reservable toggle turned off.


Non-reservable equipment will appear as grey and cannot be selected by members when they are reserving equipment.



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