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Scheduling Events


There are many different ways to schedule events in My Scheduler. Some will work better for you based on how you schedule your events. Scheduling events can be done either in the Overview screen or by navigating to the Series that you wish to schedule events for.


Single Events in the Overview

Scheduling in the Overview is very useful when scheduling a single, non-uniform event. For example, if you schedule Personal Training based on when the members wish to schedule, then you will probably want to schedule those events on the Overview.


To schedule an event in the Overview, simply navigate to the time and date you wish to schedule the event.

Under the column of the trainer in charge of the event, click on the time slot needed. This will open the New Event window.




From here, you will simply need to select the Category, Event Type, and Series of the event, as well as make any adjustments to the settings. You can also create a brand new Series here by clicking the Add Series button. Once everything has been entered, click Add New Event.



Single and Recurring Events in Browse

You can also schedule events through the Browse screen. This is where you will find your Categories, Event Types, and Series. Scheduling events this way will allow you to choose any date without needing to navigate to it first, as well as schedule a recurring series of events.

Start by opening the Browse screen and selecting the Category, Event Type, and Series you wish to schedule events for.



Once you've selected the Series, select Add Events. This will bring you to a similar screen as before. The main difference will be the Category, Event Type, and Series will already be selected for you. From here, select the date for the event and adjust any of the other settings. click Add Event once you're done.


For a recurring series of events, select the Recurring tab. Most settings will be the same, but there are some options for Recurring events: Recurring Start and End Dates, and the Days of the week these events will occur. 



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