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POS Tax Report


The Tax report will function similarly to the Sales Item Detail report in some ways but will give you more detailed information on the taxes that were applied to items that were sold. To use this report:

  1. Choose the From Date and To Date to pull the report from. Then click Submit
  2. Optional: If you have reciprocal clubs, these will appear in the top right under Clubs. This will allow you to pull this report for just one club or multiple
  3. There are no filter options for this report, so you do not need to use the Filter Data tab
  4. Optional: You can use the Group Data tab to change how the report is grouped. For more information on grouping reports, see the Reporting Basics.
  5. Optional: Lastly, you can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet by using the Export Data If you grouped the data, be sure to use the Export Group Data button instead


Use this list for a full outline of each column in this report:

  • Client: This is the club number that the item was sold at
  • Account: This is the member’s account number. If this is 0000000, then it was an anonymous order
  • Sequence: This is for accounts with multiple cardholders. The sequence number indicates which cardholder they are. If this is 00, then it was an anonymous order
  • Receipt ID: This is the ID number for the transaction
  • Date: This displays the date and time the transaction was completed
  • Order Item ID: This is the name of the item that was sold
  • Sale Price: The price the item was sold for
  • Discount: This will show the amount taken off the price as a discount
  • Tax Amount: The amount applied for tax
  • Tax Level: The tax level being applied to an item
  • Tax Type: The tax type being applied to an item
  • Tax Percent: The percent that is associated to the Tax Level


Since this report breaks out each item by tax level, you may see one item with multiple lines if you are using multiple tax levels. See the below image for an example item that is using a Tax Type with multiple Tax Levels


These 4 lines all are for 1 item from 1 transaction, but it is broken out because of the 3 tax levels (Colorado State, Denver City, Special, and Denver County) that are applied to the item.

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