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Inventory Report


The inventory report will pull detailed information on inventory items that have been adjusted in any way. This can mean items that were sold, returned, adjusted, or part of purchase orders.  To use this report:

  1. First select the way to view the report. You can choose Daily, Weekly, Range, or Year.
  2. Select the Start Date for the report to start pulling data from. If you are using Range, you will also need to set the End Date, and for Yearly you will just select the calendar year to run the report for
  3. Optional: This report comes with some optional filters that can be used by clicking Toggle Filters. Here you can add filters for Attributes if you are using them (see Attributes- Optional) and for item SKUs
  4. Optional: If you have reciprocal clubs, these will appear in the top right under Clubs. This will allow you to pull this report for just one club or multiple.
  5. Finally, click Submit.


This will show items with the amount sold (if any), any returns, quantities that were ordered and received, and more. See the list below for a full outline of each column.

  • Client ID: The club number that this item relates to
  • Item ID: This is an auto-generated ID for each item
  • SKU: The SKU for the item
  • Item Name: The name for the item
  • Item Type: The Item Type that this item is associated with
  • Sales: How many of each item was sold within the date range
  • Last Date Sold: The most recent date the item was sold
  • Returns: How many of each item was returned
  • Last Date Returned: The most recent date the item was returned
  • Quantity Ordered: This will display the total number of items ordered within the range
  • Last Date Ordered: This will display the last date that an order with this item was placed
  • Quantity Received: This will display the total number of items received within the range
  • Last Date Received: This will display the last date that items were received
  • Outstanding: This will show the number of items within the date range that have not been received or cancelled
  • Order Status: This will show the order status of the most recent purchase order
  • Quantity Adjusted: If this item’s quantity was adjusted, the amount it was adjusted by will show here
  • Last Date Adjusted: The last date that an adjustment was made
  • Current Inventory: The current inventory count for the item
  • Attribute: Any attributes associated with the item

Selecting any of the dark grey cells that have data will show you more specific information relating to that data. For example, clicking the cell under Sales for any given item will give you a breakout of all sales including that item within the date range:


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