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Multi-Event Editor


In some cases, you may need to edit many events at one time. For example, if the time of your Yoga class changes time from 8:00 to 9:00, it can become tedious to manually change each scheduled event. This is where the Mutli-Event Editor comes in. The Multi-Event Editor is a tool under your Series.


When you first select the Multi-Event Editor, you will need to select the events you wish to change based on criteria. This is also going to determine the settings of the events that you will be able to change. For example, if you are changing the time of your Yoga events from 8:00 to 9:00, you will need to use the Start Time search criteria to search for all events starting at 8:00. This will select those events and then let you change the Start Time for the selected events.


Once you've filled in the criteria, click Find All Events at the bottom. This will load the matching events into a list and give you the opportunity to change the settings for those events that you searched by. 


Make the necessary changes, then select Validate Changes. This will check through My Scheduler to make sure there are no conflicts with the proposed changes. You can also clear the search using the Clear Search button, or you can mass delete the selected events using the Delete All Selected Events button.


After Validating Changes, if there are no conflicts, you will be able to Update Events.


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