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Member Wizard


Sometimes, you may need to add one or more members to multiple events, or maybe you will need to remove multiple members from events. Doing this manually by hand will be tedious, which is where the Member Wizard comes into play. The Member Wizard is an additional My Scheduler tool that helps you to manage larger scheduling tasks. The Member Wizard is found when viewing any of your series.


To use the Member Wizard, you will first need to select the events you plan to add or remove members to/from. You can either do this manually by selecting the events from the list, or use the Select By Criteria tool accessed using the arrow icon.


Use any combination of the criteria to select the event(s) you need. Once you have your events selected, we will need to add members to the Selected Members. Members can be added to this list by either using the Search bar or clicking the Hand icon which will add all members from the event. 


Once you've filled the member list, you can either Schedule to Selected Events or Remove from Selected Events



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