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Card Code Maintenance


Card Code Maintenance is a Legacy tool used to set up membership offers to be used and sold through the Legacy Contract Entry application.

If you are not already, you should be using Offer Builder and Member Enrollment for membership sign ups and creation.


Creating Card Codes

To create a new card code:

  1. Navigate to Setup My ASF from Settings
  2. Select Card Code Maintenance
  3. Enter the new card code in the Add New Card Code field. Card Codes are limited to 8 characters





Once you click Submit, your new card code will appear in the list below. New card codes are always created as "blank" with nothing set up. To adjust the details of your new offer, such as the payment amount and the length, click Edit to the right side of the screen.

Note: When editing these fields, you should start with the field on the far left, then use the Tab key on your keyboard to advance to the next field. This will ensure any auto-filling that takes places happens correctly.


This will allow you to edit the following fields:

  • Card Code: This will let you change the actual code. Only do this for card codes that have not be used yet!
  • Payment Amount: This is how much members will pay for the membership, usually the monthly dues amount
  • # Payments: This is the total number of payments the member will be making. For Open End: Set this to 0
  • Sessions Per Payment: This is the number of PT/Class sessions the member receives each time they pay their dues, if any
  • PT Session Name: The PT/Class sessions the member receives each time they pay their dues
  • Note Amount: This is the total cost of the membership. If you are using the Tab key to move between fields, this will auto-fill based on the Payment Amount and # Payments
  • Begin Date Offset (days): This option will automatically set the begin date for the membership to be offset by a number of days. Unless necessary, this should be set to 0
  • Fixed Begin Date: Sets a specific date for the membership to begin. Generally only used in specific circumstances and should be left blank in most cases
  • End Date Offset: Offsets the end date of the membership. Used in conjunction with the End Date Type field
  • First Due Offset (days): Offsets the first due date for the membership by a number of days
  • First Payment Date: Sets a specific date for the first payment to be made. Generally only used in specific circumstances and should be left blank in most cases
  • Frequency: Sets the frequency of payments for the membership
  • Length: Sets the length of the membership and used in conjunction with the Length Type field. For Open End: Set this to 0
  • Taxable (Y/N): Indicates if taxes should be applied to the membership. This does NOT adjust the price of the membership. It will populate payments made on this membership in the Membership Tax report.
  • End Date Type: Determines the type of offset used with the End Date Offset field
  • Length Type: Changes the type for the Length field, can be set to Days, Weeks, or Months

Once you've made the necessary changes to the card code, be sure to click Update to save your changes.


Deleting Card Codes

Card codes can be deleted by selecting the Delete option next to them. While it is possible to delete any card code, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to delete any card codes as this can cause errors if there are still active members on deleted card codes/memberships.


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