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Add On Edit/Entry



It is likely that you will have some kind of additional recurring charge that is added to your memberships. These are called add-ons. An add-on is something that is added to a membership that will introduce an additional recurring charge on the account. 

Before setting up any add-ons, you will need to make sure you have the corresponding items created in Inventory Management. Add-ons can be created from either Scheduler_Bucket items or General_Non_Inventoried items. 


To start creating an add-on using Add-On Edit/Entry, select Settings from the My Apps page, then select Setup My ASF and choose Add On Edit/Entry.



This will show a list of your current add-ons and their details. Start creating a new add-on by selecting the POS Category (Scheduler_Bucket or General_Non_Inventoried) and the POS Item. If this is an add-on that will add sessions to an account, be sure to set the PT Sessions to Yes. Otherwise, it should be No. Click Add New to create the add-on.



Once the add-on has been added, we will need to edit it in order to add details such as the length and cost of the add-on. Start by selecting Edit to the far right. Fill in the fields that you are going to need for this add-on. Note: You should always navigate through fields using the Tab key on your keyboard, NOT by selecting fields with the mouse.


  • # Sessions Per Payment: This is the number of sessions the member will receive each time they make a payment on this add-on. You SHOULD NOT use this AND the Total Sessions field. Only use one or the other.
  • Total Sessions: This is the total number of sessions the member will receive. You SHOULD NOT use this AND the # Sessions Per Payment field. Only use one or the other.
  • Front Load Sessions: This will load all sessions onto the members account at once when the add-on is added to the account.
  • Payment Amount: How much the member will pay for each payment on this add-on
  • # Payments: The total number of payments the member will make
  • Frequency: How frequently the member will make their payments on this add-on
  • First Due Offset (In Days): A number of days to offset the first payment. By default the first payment will happen when the member signs up for the add-on
  • Taxable: Indicates if tax should be applied to the add-on. Usually set to N

Once everything is filled in, click Update.

Association of Revenue to Clubs  

By default, add-on revenue is always associated to the member's home club, regardless of whether the member signed up. There is an option to always have add-on revenue associated to the club where the member signed up instead. This changes where revenue is reported and where revenue is remitted. This option must be enabled by Client Support - please contact them to discuss and enable. Once this is enabled, when an add-on is added to a member's account, the page displays the "Club" field that displays to which club the add-on will be associated to for confirmation (this is the club that the user is currently logged into or switched into).

Note for Client Support: please use the "Reciprocal Add-On Revenue" indicator to enable this.   

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