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General Attendance for Prospects and Members


Online Check-In is used for member check in to control and track members as they are entering the facility and alerting staff to member issues.

Member Check In Methods

There are multiple options for how members can check in: 

  1. Manual check in by staff, using the in app account look up
  2. Automatic check in using a reader device that reads from: 
    • Barcode on printed membership cards
    • Barcode on ASF My Member Mobile App
    • Barcode or QR code on ASF Mobile App  

Manual check in 

To manually check members into the club, use the Account Look Up section to search for the member using one or a combination of the following:

Account Number - searches against member account number, with or without the cardholder sequence number, and alternate ID (typically used to represent member's associated barcode number)
Phone Number - searches against member phone numbers, including home, mobile, and work 
First Name
Last Name 

Additional options for targeting searches:

  • Members
  • Prospects
  • Employees
  • Active Only
  • Non Expired

Automatic Check In

For clubs with staffed or monitored automatic check in, a dedicated computer should be set up that is connected to the card reader and that has the Online Check In screen open. If a computer cannot be dedicated with the Online Check In screen open, then the computer connected to the card reader should have the desktop Online Check In application installed - contact ASF Support for access to this.      

Member Information

The middle panel displays key member information.

Member Photo
Member Name
Alerts: This section show a single alert per check in. See Check In Alert Options page for full details on all possible alerts.
Member Details: This section includes membership type (offer code / card code) and membership expiration date.
Account Alerts: This section shows custom account messages. These can be edited using the pencil icon. These were displayed on bell icon click in the previous layout of this screen.
Recurring Add Ons: This section displays all active recurring add ons on the account (associated to any member)
Add Ons Due: This section displays all add on payments owed, either past due or upcoming

Upcoming Schedule

The left side panel displays upcoming events, for easy member scheduling and check in. After a member is checked in, a drag and drop of the member from the Recent Check Ins section to the event of interest automatically schedules the member for the event. 

schedule into event.gif

Recent Check Ins

The right side panel displays members who have recently checked in that day. The member name link opens the member profile. The information icon link displays the selected member's information in the middle panel. Check ins with problems, or alerts, are highlighted for quick visual indication. Use the Attendance Report link for one click reporting of all check ins that day. 

Employees Check In / Clock In

Online Check-In can be used to clock employees in and out for employee time management. Employees can clock in using the same check in method as members - once clocked in, the employee's name displays in the Employees On The Clock section. Employees can clock out by clicking on their name in this section.   

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