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Using Member Alerts


Member Alerts are a tool that can be used to attach small notes to a member's account that appear every time they check in until the note is removed. These are useful for adding things that you need to remind the member about.


Adding a Member Alert

Adding an alert can be done from any screen in My Club Business. Simply use the Quick Member Search to search for your member. 


After selecting the member to open the Member Panel, click the Bell icon next to their name to open the Member Alerts. Here you will see any existing alert that is currently active.


To add a new alert, simply enter the text for the alert in the text box and click Save Note. Now, whenever the member is checked in, there will be a ringing bell icon next to their name, letting you know there is an alert on their account.



Resolving an Alert

Once the alert is no longer needed, you can remove it by navigating back to the Alerts section of the same member panel from before. Click Delete to remove the alert from the account, or Edit to change the existing alert.



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