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Using the Check-in View


The Check-in View in My Scheduler is designed to be a tool used whenever you are checking in members to events. This is a tool that you can have open at all times on a front desk computer so that your front desk staff always have access to checking members in.

The Check-in View can be accessed from anywhere in My Scheduler.


From the Check-in View, you will find each event that is scheduled for the current day along with the number of members scheduled, checked in, and marked absent, as well as the trainer. 


Members can be scheduled to these events by searching for the member using the Quick Member Search, then dragging them onto the event.



Checking In

Selecting an event displays a roster of scheduled members. Each member is displayed with two class counts: 

  • 30 Day - the number of events the member has checked into within the last 30 days
  • Lifetime - the number of events the member has checked into since their initial join date 

Selecting the check mark checks the member into the event. If the event is session-based (requires a session for attendance), a prompt is displayed to select a session from the member's available session inventory that are eligible for the used for the event. If there are no valid sessions, a session will need to be added, either manually or via a POS purchase.


Check In Alerts

A "Display alerts in Schedule Check-In" preferences is available in Client Preferences > MyScheduler > Preferences. When this is set to True, an alert is displayed for members who are past due or frozen whenever members can be checked in for an event (i.e. in Scheduler or Online Check In). The alert displays in yellow or red color font based on whether access is intended to be allowed or not, respectively. 


Absence and Removing Members

In some cases, you may need to either mark a member as absent or remove them from the event completely. This can be done using the menu (three dots).


  • Free Absence: This will mark the member as absent without deducting any sessions. Absent members are still scheduled to the event, but are marked as not attending.
  • Paid Absence: This will mark the member as absent AND will still deduct a session from the member's account.
  • Cancel Member: This will remove the member from the event without deducting any sessions.


If you are using the Public Calendar feature (see these articles for more information), whenever a member is marked absent for an event, whether Free absence or Paid, the member will receive an email with a link to your Public Calendar, allowing them to sign up for a new event right away.



Events that use equipment and are scheduled in rooms with equipment will have an additional Set Equipment option. Normally, once a member is scheduled to this event, they will automatically be assigned to an open equipment slot. This option can be used to manually move a member to a desired equipment slot.



The member can be reassigned to different equipment by clicking and dragging them on to another equipment slot.

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