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Add-on Charges Detail



This report will display all one time and recurring add-on payments for a selected date range. This will show all add-ons currently on member accounts, the next due date for payments on those add-ons, the transaction amounts, and more. 

  1. Choose a date range to pull data from using the From Date and To Date fields
  2. Choose the Transaction Type, either DueDraft/Rejected, or Remit
  3. Optional: Turn on the Directory option to display additional contact information for each member, such as address, phone number, and email
  4. Optional: You can use the Group Data tab to change how the report is grouped. For more information on grouping reports, see the Reporting Basics.
  5. Optional: Lastly, you can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet by using the Export Data If you grouped the data, be sure to use the Export Group Data button instead


Use this list for a full outline of each column in this report:

  • Client: This is the club number that the member is a part of
  • Account: The member's account number
  • Contract Status: The member's membership status
  • Buyer's Last Name/First Name: The member's first and last name
  • Card Code: The card/offer code that indicates the member's membership
  • ASF Ref #: A reference number used by ASF
  • Receipt #: The receipt number for any completed transactions
  • Bank Account #: The bank account number used for any payments that were drafted from a member's bank account
  • Due Date: For the Transaction Type of Due, displays the date the upcoming payment is due
  • Reject Count: The number of times payment has already been rejected
  • Date: The date of the most recent reject
  • Max Reject: The maximum number of times payments can be rejected
  • Transaction Amount: The total amount of the charge
  • Down Payment: The total amount paid as a down payment for the add-on
  • Description: The name of the add-on/charge
  • Recurring: An indicator if the charge/add-on is a recurring payment
  • Credit: An indicator if the charge/add-on has been credited, i.e. paid for in the club
  • Email Address: The account buyer's email address
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