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Global Client Preferences (Site Branding)


The look of your ASF site can be customized whenever you wish using the Client Preferences. These are accessed through Settings.


The first tab that you will come to will be the Global tab. This is where you can update your site branding. This tab is divided into 3 sections:

  • Display Name
  • Logo
  • Color Scheme

Display Name

The Display Name field should be used to enter your clubs name. Generally, this will be used to distinguish each of your locations with a different name. If you have only one location, then this can be set to whatever you like, but it should still be the name of your club.



The logo section is where you will have the option of uploading your own club logo. Simply select Choose File and select the image file on your computer to upload.


Color Scheme

The Color Scheme section is used to adjust the site colors in order to match your club's branding. Simply select any of the boxes and you will be presented with a color picker. You can either pick the color by hand or enter the hexadecimal/RGB/HSL values to get an exact color. Once you have the color you want, click Set. Once all colors have been set, click Submit.

You should also choose to use either the Dark or Light theme, depending on which fits your branding best.




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