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Using Online Check-In for Employees


Online Check-in can be used as a type of timeclock for tracking employees. Employees are "clocked in" just as if you were checking in a member or prospect. This will track their hours and even calculate hourly pay for them if you wish.


Employee Time Clock

Before employees can be checked in through Online Check-in, they must be set up in the Employee Time Clock application. 



Here, you can use the Add New Employee to add any of your employees to the time clock. Once they have been added, they can be clocked in through Online Check-in.

Employees MUST have an Account number, first name, and last name. Everything else is optional, and the account number can be anything. Once everything is entered, click Add.



The Manage Employees tab should be used to edit the information on any employee profile. Select Manage Employees, then click Select next to the employee you need to change


Employee time can also be manually changed using the Manage Time tab. This should be used to make any needed corrections to an employee's entered time. To do this:

  1. Select the Manage Time tab
  2. Enter the dates you wish to view time entries for
  3. Select the employee you need to manage
  4. You can insert either an IN or OUT punch using the Insert punch for line. This will add a new entry for the selected employee
  5. Below this you will find all time entries for the dates you entered. Each entry can either be edited with Edit/Update or removed with Delete


The Attendance Reports tab should be used to review time entries for employees to see how much they should be paid. When selecting this tab, you can pull data for a specified date range and employee. Once you've entered the date range and selected an employee, select either Report Format or Excel Format to pull the data.



Clocking In

Once employees are set up in the Employee Time Clock, they can clock in and out using Online Check-in. Within Online Check-in, employees can simply search for themselves and select their tile to clock in. They will then appear in the Employees on the Clock section of Online Check-in.




Clocking out is as simple as selecting yourself from the Employees on the Clock section. 

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