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Add-on Services Detail



This report displays a detailed list of which members are signed up for which add-ons. This report can show you how many members are paying for specific add-ons, and the details for those add-ons such as how much each payment is, whether it's open-ended or not, etc.

  1. Choose to either see all active recurring add-ons (See All Active), or choose a specific date range to pull data for using the From Date and To Date fields
  2. Optional: Use the See Deleted Add-ons toggle to include add-ons that have been deleted from member accounts within the selected date range
  3. Optional: You can use the Group Data tab to change how the report is grouped. For more information on grouping reports, see the Reporting Basics.
  4. Optional: Lastly, you can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet by using the Export Data If you grouped the data, be sure to use the Export Group Data button instead


Use this list for a full outline of each column in this report:

  • Club: This is the club number that the member is a part of
  • Account: The member's account number
  • Contract Status: The member's current membership account status
  • Card Holder's First Name/Last Name: The first and last name of the cardholder the add-on is entered under
  • Date Entered: The date the add-on was added to the account
  • Payment Method: The payment method being used to pay for the add-on
  • Note Amount: The total value of the add-on using the payment amount and the total number of payments that need to be made for the add-on
  • Payment: The amount drafted from the account based on the payment frequency
  • Down Payment: The amount the member paid for the add-on when they signed up, if any
  • # of PT Sessions: The number of PT sessions, if any, the member receives when they pay for the add-on
  • Description: The name of the add-on
  • Total Number of Payments: The total number of payments that will be drafted from the account during the lifetime of the add-on
  • Payments Billed: The number of payments that have been billed to date
  • Payments Made: The number of payments that have been paid to date
  • Expiration: The expiration date for the add-on. Dates of 12/31/2039 indicate an open-ended add-on
  • Rollover to O/E: Indicator for if the add-on is meant to automatically transfer to an open-ended add-on once it expires
  • First Due Date: The first date a payment will be/was drafted for the add-on
  • Last Due Date: The most recent previous due date for the add-on
  • Next Bill Due: The next date the add-on will be billed to the account
  • Term Balance: The total amount that has been paid to date
  • Payment Frequency: The frequency that the add-on is billed at
  • Add-on Type: The type of add-on
  • Email Address: The member email address associated with the add-on
  • Salesperson: The original salesperson associated with the add-on
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