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All Inventory Report



The All Inventory report is going to give you a detailed list of all of your items that are in Inventory Management. This will allow you to view both active and inactive items, how many of each item you have on hand, and more. ASF recommends running this report regularly in order to stay on top of your inventory. To use this report:

  1. Under Select Data, choose whether to include Inactive items or not.
  2. Optional: If you have reciprocal clubs, these will appear in the top right under Clubs. This will allow you to pull this report for just one club or multiple.
  3. Click Submit to pull the report. This report does not have any filtering options, so you will not need the Filter Data tab
  4. If you need to, you can use the Group Data tab to group the data in different ways.
  5. Optional: Lastly, you can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet by using the Export Data If you grouped the data, be sure to use the Export Group Data button instead


Use this list for a full outline of each column in this report:

  • Client: This will show the client number that the item is located in. This is only useful if you are pulling this report for reciprocal clubs
  • SKU: This displays the item’s SKU
  • Item Name: This displays the Item Name
  • Item Type: This displays the item’s Item Type
  • ASF Type: This displays the ASF Item Type that this item is a part of
  • Quantity: This shows the current inventory count of this item
  • Item Cost: This is the cost for you to purchase this item from the vendor
  • Retail Price: This is the current sale price of the item
  • Tax Type: This is the tax type that is currently associated to the item
  • Tax Percent: This is the total tax percentage that is being applied to the item
  • Reorder Point: This quantity helps you know when to reorder inventory
  • Reorder Quantity: This quantity tells you how much of an item to reorder
  • General Ledger: This field is only used if you are using GL codes. This should always be blank


Grouping the All Inventory Report

In some cases, the base report will not display the information in the way that you need. In these cases, you will need to group the data using the Group Data tab. To do this:

  1. Select the Group Data tab from the top of the report
  2. Select the fields that you wish to group by using the Select a field dropdown menu, then click Apply. You can also group by multiple fields if needed
  3. To remove all grouping, click the X icon next to the Apply button


Once the data is grouped, we can view each individual group if needed. For example, after grouping by Item Type, if we want to view all items within the Item Type Accessories, just click the group line item.



This will open the Group Detail view. You can find details about the group at the top of the report. You can also export this one view using the Export Detail button. This will only export the Group Detail, not the rest of the report. To exit the Group Detail view, click the red X button.

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