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Senior Attendance Report



This report will show all attendance based on senior insurance programs such as Optum and Silver Sneakers. This report will be vital to review if you are utilizing any senior fitness programs.

  1. Choose a date range using the From Date and To Date fields
  2. Select the insurance program from the Output Type 
  3. Select the Attendance Type, either Normal, Problem, or All attendance. Click Submit 
  4. If needed, you can use the Filter tab to filter data by Card Code and/or Insurance
  5. Optional: You can use the Group Data tab to change how the report is grouped. For more information on grouping reports, see the Reporting Basics.
  6. Optional: Lastly, you can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet by using the Export Data If you grouped the data, be sure to use the Export Group Data button instead


Each Output Type will generate different data for the report depending on the requirements for the different programs.

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