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Scheduling Members and Prospects into Events


Scheduling members and prospects into events can be done a multitude of different ways depending on what works best for you. Let's take a look.


Scheduling in the Overview

Scheduling members can be done right from the Overview, which is the main screen in My Scheduler. First, you will need to navigate to the event that you are scheduling for. 



Quick Member Search

While in the overview, you can schedule members and prospects using the Quick Member Search. This will allow you to simply click and drag a member onto a single event to schedule them. 

Start by opening the Quick Member Search and searching for your member or prospect using a name or account number.



Once you've found the member/prospect, simply click and drag them onto the event in the overview. This will schedule them for the event.



Scheduling in the Event View

Another way to schedule a member into a single event is to view that event. Start by navigating to the event in the Overview and select the View Event tile icon.



Select the Schedule Members option, then search for your member/prospect using the search bar.



Once you find the member/prospect in the list, use the + button to the right to schedule them to the event.


Scheduling in the Check-in View

The Check-in View can be accessed from anywhere in My Scheduler.



From the Check-in View, you will find each event that is scheduled for the current day along with the number of members scheduled, checked in, and marked absent, as well as the trainer. 



Members can be scheduled to these events by searching for the member using the Quick Member Search, then dragging them onto the event.



Scheduling using the Member Wizard

The Member Wizard can be used to do mass scheduling. If you need to schedule one or more members into multiple events, you should use the Member Wizard.

To access the Member Wizard, go to Browse.



Navigate to the Series that contains events you wish to schedule members/prospect into.



Select the Member Wizard from the tools on the right.



Next, you will need to select the events that the members/prospects are being scheduled to. This can be done manually by simply clicking the events in the list. If you are selecting many events, you can instead select events based on search criteria by using the arrow icon.


Enter the information you wish to select events by, then choose Select All Events. This will select events from the list that fit the criteria that you set.


Once you have events selected, you will need to search for your members/prospects. Use the search bar to search for your members or prospects, then select them from the list.


Selecting from the list will add the members to the Selected Members list. This list displays the members/prospects that will be added to the selected (highlighted in green) events when selecting the Schedule to Selected Events button.



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