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Terms and Conditions: Signature Tags


Offer Builder allows you to add custom signature locations to your terms and conditions. This allows you to have as many additional places for members to sign the contract as needed. This is a very powerful way to customize your terms and conditions, but is also fairly complex.


Signature Tags

The feature used to create custom signature locations for your digital contract is called signature tags. A signature tag will tell Member Enrollment to replace the tag with a place for the member to sign. 

Signature tags all follow the same convention for creation:


  • $$$: The three dollar signs are REQUIRED at the beginning and the end of the signature tag.
  • TAG_NAME: This is the name of the tag. This can be whatever it is you need, but it must be two words separated by an underscore. Examples include MEMBER_SIGNATURE, CLUB_REP, SIGN_DATE, MEMBER_NAME, etc.
  • #: This is the iteration number for the tag. This should be used if you have the same signature tag in multiple places. For example, if you have two locations for a MEMBER_SIGNATURE, the first one should be $$$MEMBER_SIGNATURE_1$$$ and the second should be $$$MEMBER_SIGNATURE_2$$$. 


Do NOT use a $$$BUYER_SIGNATURE$$$ tag in your terms and conditions. This tag is already used for a master signature box that appears on ALL offers. If you have two signature tags that match, Member Enrollment will only require one of those signatures to be filled as it will copy the signature to the other boxes.




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