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Template Configuration


The Template Configuration is a tool that will allow you to change the default forms that are signed when certain changes are made to member accounts, such as cancellations or payment changes. This is a complex feature and templates should only be changed if you are sure of how to do it.

Navigating to Template Configuration

To navigate to the Template Configuration window:

  1. Select Settings from the My Apps Page


  1. Select Template Configuration



Changing Templates

To begin changing any of your templates, first select the one you wish to change from the drop down menu at the top.


This will bring in the template you selected. At the bottom, you will find a Load From Default button which will reset any changes that you make.

The easiest section to edit will be the main text body. This section contains the basic terms and conditions for the form. Feel free to make any changes to any of the highlighted text, except the $$$BUYER_NAME$$$ string.


After making any changes, click Submit to save them. This will update the form used for the selected feature.


Further Edits

Further edits can be made to templates, however, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to only do this if you fully understand the tools. Changing the text on your templates may cause the forms to not work as intended.

Most of the forms are made up of tags, which are placeholders for other information that will populate when the form is actually used. Many of these should almost never be changed or removed, such as the $$$ACCOUNT_NUMBER$$$, client information, and $$$BUYER_SIGNATURE$$$


Additional tags can be added for more functionality. For example, a club representative signature box can be added by adding a $$$CLUBREP_SIGNATURE$$$ tag. 



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