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Code Restrictions


Code Restrictions allow you to restrict the hours certain members can attend the facility based on the membership they have. These can be accessed through the Offer Builder Settings.



Adding New Restrictions

On the Code Restrictions page, you will find any existing code restrictions you have under the Existing Restrictions section. New restrictions can be added using the Add Restriction button. 


To set up the restriction, give it a name, choose the start time and the end time for the period of time that members will be allowed in the facility, then select the days of the week that members will be allowed into the facility.

Click Save to create your new code restriction.

Existing code restrictions can be edited by selecting them from the Existing Restrictions section.


Associating Restrictions to Memberships

Once you have a code restriction created, you can begin applying it to your memberships. In the Associated Restrictions to Card Codes section, select your membership from the Card Code drop down menu. This will display the Offer Codes that you have entered for your Offer Builder offers.



Next, select the restriction you wish to apply from the Available Restrictions section. Click Add to add the selected restriction to the membership.



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