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Creating Session Items for My Scheduler


Whenever you have events that require payment to attend, you will need to first create relevant items in Inventory Management. These items are then sold through MyPOS, which adds the related sessions to the member's account. 

To create session items in Inventory Management, you will first need an Item Type that is set up as Scheduler_Bucket. Items that are not part of Scheduler_Bucket item types WILL NOT add any usable sessions to member accounts.



Once you have the Item Type created, you can create your session items. This process will work just as it would with creating any other POS items. These items come with three additional attributes: Session Bucket Quantity, Days to Expire, and Session Bucket Type.


Session Bucket Quantity indicates the number of sessions members receive when they purchase this session item. For single sessions, this should be set to 1. For a session pack, this should be the value of the pack. For example, a 6-pack item of Personal Training sessions should have a session bucket quantity of 6.

Days to Expire indicates the number of days from the date of purchase before the sessions automatically expire and are removed from the member's account. If this is set to 0, the session(s) will never expire.

Session Bucket Type indicates what type of session items will be added to member accounts. This can be set to either Standard or Personal Training. For items that are used for Personal Training events, this should be set to Personal Training. Otherwise, set it to Standard.


Once these have been filled in and the item set up, you can begin selling the item to members in MyPOS.

Update Section

Club OS Integration - Send PT Agreement Data to Club OS

If your club has integrated with Club OS, you will have an additional option available when creating a new session item: Send to Club OS. If you turn this toggle on, then any time this item is purchased via a recurring service (i.e. an add-on) or through a regular MyPOS purchase, the purchase data will be sent to and visible in Club OS. This will also qualify members for PT Follow-up Statuses in Club OS. This should be used in combination with the calendar event options to send specific events to Club OS.



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