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Media Library Client Preferences


The Media Library is a feature of Online Scheduler that should be used to upload pre-recorded videos of classes and events that your members can access remotely. 

The Media Library is accessed through the Client Preferences in Settings. 



The Media Library should be used to upload either YouTube videos or recorded Zoom meetings. To add a new video, select Add New. Give the video a Title and Description, select either Video or Audio for the Media Type, select either YouTube or Zoom for the Media Source, then enter the Media URL.


To upload a recorded Zoom meeting:

  1. First, make sure your Zoom meeting gets recorded by selecting Record from the toolbar in the Zoom meeting. You can choose Record to this PC or Record to the Cloud
  2. If you are recording to the Cloud, you will need to log into to find the recording. In the Recordings tab, select Copy Sharable Link
  3. In the Media Library, select Add New to add a new video. Then, paste the copied link into the Media URL field

To upload a YouTube video:

  1. Log into your club's YouTube channel. In the top right of the page, select your profile image and choose YouTube Studio to find your uploaded videos.
  2. From the left, select the Videos tab. Then, scroll through the list to find the video you want to add to the Media Library.
  3. Once you've found the video, click the 3 dots for Options and select Get Sharable Link. In the Media Library, select Add New to add a new video. Then, paste the copied link into the Media URL field.
  4. The default YouTube link needs to be changed. In the Media URL field, change the section that reads "" to "" (without the quotations).



For YouTube videos, you MUST make the above adjustments to the URL copied from YouTube in order for the video to be added correctly.



Once the video has been added to the Media Library, it will be viewable to members in the Online Scheduler under the Online Videos page. YouTube videos will be embedded into the site, while Zoom videos will redirect members to view the recorded meeting in Zoom.


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