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Terms and Conditions: Apply to Multiple Offers


When setting up your terms and conditions and offers in Offer Builder, you may have a situation where one set of terms and conditions need to be applied to multiple offers. It would not be optimal to manually edit each offer to apply the terms and conditions, so you should use this feature that allows you to apply one set of terms and conditions to multiple offers. This feature is accessed through the Generic Terms.

Go into Generic Terms, then select the set of terms and conditions you are applying to multiple offers.



On the left, you will find a View Offer Terms option.


Select this option to view all offers that the selected terms can be applied to. If you are applying a set of payment terms, then each option will display the Payment Term that the terms and conditions will be applied to.


Select every offer that the selected terms and conditions need to be applied to. Each selected offer will be highlighted. Once you have all offers selected, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Apply to Offer Terms.



This will REPLACE any existing terms and conditions that were already applied to the offer!

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