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Online Member Renewal


Online Join has a feature that allows your members to renew their own memberships online without coming into the facility. This feature should be used to renew members who are setup on a preset renewal.


Accessing the Online Join Renewal URL

The Online Join Renewal URL can be accessed from inside Offer Builder. You should use this link to embed it in your club's website, giving access to external renewals to your members. This link could also be posted to social media for your members as well.

To use the URL:

  1. Navigate to Offer Builder from the My Apps page


  1. Select Online Member Renewal Link from the Offer Builder menu. This will open the Online Join page in a new tab


  1. Take the URL from the webpage and have it embedded in your website, or post it to social media. This will be the URL your members need to access to renew their memberships



You MUST have term settings set for offers that you plan to have members renew themselves into through Online Join. Be sure to review the Member Enrollment Preferences article for more information.


Using Online Join for Members

When a member accesses Online Join to renew their membership, they will need to enter their account number, first name, and last name, then click Search. They can alternatively select Create New Membership to sign up for a new membership.


Next, the member can review the renewal information, as well as adjust any account info as needed.



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